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Christmas Podding

Apr 9, 2023

This week on Christmas Podding, your hosts Liam Renton and Ness Gibson uncover what causes the biggest Christmas Meltdowns every year and the simple solution to a stress free Christmas at this years celebrations.

Would you ever consider moving your festive celebrations one month forward if it meant saving a lot of money on airfares? Plus

We have the inside scoop on the big blockbusters heading to a Christmas Cinema your way before the end of 2023, and some of the stars lining up to be in modern day Christmas Flicks are huge.

And long time listener Ken Rose has been taking notes on the show.  He knew how much Liam and Ness obsess over the amazing Chip/Crisp flavors offered worldwide at Christmas but not in Australia, so he's sent over some unique Chip flavors never ever tried in Australia before. Wait to hear the guys reactions.

On Australia's ONLY Christmas Podcast, Christmas Podding.