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Christmas Podding

Aug 29, 2021

This episode of Christmas Podding discusses the Single Greatest Christmas Movie of ALL TIME, and we have a real problem with it, and ask the question "Is It Really the BEST"

What to do with a mountain of Leftover Christmas Turkey? How Vanessa turned  a 5 kilos of Christmas in July Leftovers into weeks of Festive Tummy...

Aug 15, 2021

In this episode of Christmas Podding we uncover the NUMBER ONE Thing that will determine where you will be spending Christmas Day this year.

We reveal how our own Christmas in July plans went and how one of our favourite days of the year turned into a tragic tale full of tears, tantrums and lots of left over turkey....

Aug 1, 2021

This week on Australia's ONLY Christmas Podcast we get serious about sending Christmas Texts and unveil why you should NEVER EVER do it. Find out why its Pushed our Buttons.

We have some strategies on how to combat Christmas Booze Bandits who arrive at your door and drink all your Top Shelf Christmas Drinks, plus