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Christmas Podding

Nov 27, 2022

This week on Christmas Podding we rip the band aid off and have the discussion Which do you see on Christmas Day and which family misses out?

What do you do when your own kids are given toys or gifts you don't approve of and wouldn't normally let them have plus

Are you the unappreciated one on Christmas Day, the one who...

Nov 20, 2022

On this episode of Christmas Podding we reveal Australia's ALL TIME Favourite Christmas song list, and even we were surprised at what came in at number 1.

We find out how buying the right gift can help create a lifetime of beautiful memories for those who receive it plus

if you're faced with spending Christmas alone...

Nov 13, 2022

This week on Christmas Podding we discover what's the best meat to eat on Christmas Day that will keep the most amount of guests totally happy.

Has Mariah Carey become a Christmas obsession? And is that such a bad thing? plus

We have the best list of things to do if you find yourself alone this Christmas, and you may be...

Nov 6, 2022

This week on Christmas Podding we uncover the ultimate guide to hiding Christmas Gifts around the home so no child, husband or relative will ever find them before Christmas Day.

We discover which is the better Christmas greeting, Merry or Happy Christmas, plus

What are the biggest Christmas Complaints from around the...