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Christmas Podding

Apr 10, 2022

We're back Baby! Season 5 and we're talking all things Christmas on Australia's ONLY Christmas Podcast.

In our first official episode for 2022 we ask Is it too early to be talking about, planning for or getting excited about Christmas 2022. NEVER!

What Festive Bargains have you tucked away from last years sales you just cant wait to crack out and use this Christmas and 

Tips and Tricks for young players. Everything you need to know about posting presents in the mail and how to ensure you don't lose precious gifts so not to see sad faces when they don't arrive this year .

Happened to a friend of the show Lee Maher who lost a whole box of Christmas goodies and we wouldn't want it to happen to you. Our advise that just may save Christmas in this weeks show.

With Liam Renton and Ness Gibson talking all things Christmas all year long , on Christmas Podding.