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Christmas Podding

Apr 1, 2022

We're back April 11 with a Brand New Podding for 2022.

Liam and Ness are still talking all things Christmas. 

So we are counting down with 9 days of Christmas Leftovers. Never before heard topics, your favourite segments re-recorded with new opinions and chit chat from Liam and Ness's live radio show you would never have heard.

Today we ask :

Would you charge your Christmas Day guests a cover charge?

Worst gift list is out, What not to buy this year? and 

Alternate Christmas Day Meat Options. Would you eat Kangaroo on Christmas Day? We have all the reason why you just might this Christmas.

Join us for Episode 1, Season 5 April 11 on the worlds 3rd best Christmas Podcast, Christmas Podding with Liam and Ness.